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About Our Church

Vision Statement

To unlock and teach the mysteries in the Holy Bible which is a guide to every soul that believes in Jesus Christ, Holy Spirit and God.

Core Values

Believe that we are all Born to Conquer

Demonstrate Humility in all areas of our lives

Prayer is our life-line and life-style

Practice the Give and Take principle of God

Empowering people to discover and fulfil their God-given purpose, abilities and gifting’s

Demonstrating the compassion of God to humanity

Raising up Spiritual Leaders through strategic prayers and the prophetic for the end-time harvest

Building healthy relationships and families

Building bridges between cultures and generations

Believing God no matter the circumstances

Embracing the five-fold ministry of apostles, prophets, teachers, pastors and evangelists

Maintaining the integrity and soundness of God’s Word

Believing in the demonstration of God’s power to heal and deliver His people

Mission Statement

To empower today’s generation to operate in a conviction of Born To Conquer mindset.

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